You are consulting the Safran group's Media Library, intended for the public, the press and Safran's partners, accessible via the Internet.

By consulting, downloading or using these photographies, you fully and completely accept the conditions stipulated below, with the additional stipulation that Safran reserves the right to change these conditions at any given moment and, in this case, any new consultation of the site implies the acceptance of these changes.
These conditions shall complete applicable legal information.

Users of the Media Library

The public has access to part of the photographic archives in the Media Library, for consultation and downloading. The photos that can be consulted and downloaded by the public are in medium definition. In the case of a specific, special requirement, users may send a request via email to the administrator of the Media Library (see Contacts page).

Partners (in particular media companies and communications agencies) working for Safran and Group companies, the press and employees of Safran and Group companies not connected to Safranet (and belonging to communications departments, or whose job implies the publication or use of internal and/or external communications media of any type on behalf of Safran or a Group company) have access to a larger part of the photographic archives, by opening a user account, and can download high-definition versions of the photos.

Use of the Media Library

Access to photos is intended for internal and/or external use, outside of any commercial and/or advertising use.

Except with the express written authorization of Safran Corporate Communications, no photographies from this site, no matter what type of access is involved (open or restricted) is authorized to be placed on the Internet except to illustrate a site in a maximum size corresponding to the screen (1024 x 768 pixels) and with a resolution of 72 dpi, nor can it be proposed for downloading or copying in a resolution or size that would make it easily reproducible in high resolution.

Legal requirements
• Photograph copyright:
The photos offered for consultation and downloading are intellectual works protected by intellectual property laws. Any author of an intellectual work has economic rights over his/her work (exploitation rights) and moral rights (in particular the right to respect for his/her name and work). A lack of respect for the rights of authors and their beneficiaries, may be subject to civil and/or criminal sanctions.

The Site groups photographies and documents from different sources and authors, whose grant of exploitation rights is given solely for purpose of the illustration requirements of the Safran group and for a limited period.
- It is up to the user, for each image to be used, to ensure that the scope of application (rights of reproduction, performance and adaptation) agreed to by the photographer is compatible with the planned use, if necessary by consulting the corresponding document(s) associated with the image, along with the information provided by the data sheet.
For any use of any type of photo, the "Copyright" notice for the author(s) must be used. The "Copyright" notice is indicated in the data sheet along with each image. This legal notice should be used in relation to the photos reproduced under conditions enabling the author and photo to be identified without any confusion or ambiguity. It is recommended that this signature be placed horizontally.
• Release forms for persons photographed
Persons photographed have signed a release form allowing the use of their picture for a specific reason and a limited period.
- The user must make sure that the scope of authorization given by the person(s) being photographed is compatible with the planned use, if necessary by consulting the corresponding document(s) associated with the image, along with the information provided by the data sheet.

User's responsibility:

By accepting the aforementioned conditions, the user of the photos offered on the Site agrees to:
• never damage, in any way whatsoever, the economic and moral rights of the authors of the photographies being used, nor of their beneficiaries;
• respect the rights to their picture of all persons in the photos;
• remain the sole and unique person responsible for the application to be made of these photos, in relation to the authors of the photos, their beneficiaries, Safran, the subsidiaries and companies in the Safran group and of all third parties.

Conditions specific to the press and other media

The use of photographic works offered in this Site is authorized solely for the purpose of the illustration of articles, texts and interviews concerning the businesses and products of Safran group companies, or in direct relation with Safran or a Safran group company.
Any other use than one defined in the present conditions of use is excluded, unless covered by a previous, written authorization from Safran Corporate Communications.
Any illicit use is strictly forbidden, in particular to illustrate articles or texts that are defamatory, injurious or designed to denigrate individuals or companies.
The images downloaded on this Site are exclusively for transmission to communications agencies, printers, and more generally to any service provider in charge of producing, for Safran or a Safran group company, an internal or external communications medium, provided that they perfectly comply with the present conditions for use.


Any litigation concerning the interpretation or execution of the present agreement will be under the exclusive responsibility settled by of Paris courts, with application of French law.
The user is solely responsible for the use of the photos. In the case of a use contravening the present conditions of use, or legal provisions, Safran reserves the right to undertake any action that may be deemed necessary to protect its interests.