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Caption :
The new 5,000 square meter (54,000 square foot) facility is dedicated to the polishing of the segments for the M1 mirror, mounting them on their cradle and testing them. This new production line features several robots and automated and interconnected production cells, to ensure fast, precise and dependable operations, for polishing of blanks. Digital data from the production and testing systems allows the production process to be controlled in real time and make sure it is as efficient as possible. Operators have been trained to use this new machinery. A total of 931 segments will be produced (798 for the telescope + 133 spares) by polishing and then mounting them on substrates, to an accuracy of less than a few nanometers – in other words, if each segment were as large as France, a surface defect smaller than a ladybug!
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A new “Factory 4.0” to make primary mirror segments for the Extremely Large Telescope
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Usable until 09/12/2039
Cyril Abad (Cyril Abad)
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Date the end of rights : 09/12/2039
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