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Caption :
Safran Electrical & Power selects
and integrates best-in-class battery
cells on the market, bringing
the technology to safety levels
required for aerospace applications.
The GENeUSPACK™ product line
provides all-in-one smart battery
systems for both Electric Propulsion
and More Electric Aircraft
››Battery Management System
››Integrated charger
››Redundant Protection Functions
(current, voltage, temperature)
››Cell balancing algorithm
››State of Charge algorithm
››CAN communication with avionics
››Built In Test Equipment
N° SAF Copyright :
Title :
GENeUSPACK - all-in-one smart battery
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Usable until 04/08/2040
Pierre Soissons (Pierre Soissons)
Fonction : Photographer
Type of rights : Except advertising - Except space buying
Date the end of rights : 04/08/2040
Prior authorization : no

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