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Caption :
Following the biofuel premiere, the managing directors of the two companies, Frédéric Bruder, Managing Director of ADAC Luftrettung, and Franck Saudo, CEO Safran Helicopter Engines, signed a long-term agreement on SAF, which envisages increasing the blending ratio of biofuel to up to 100 percent in the coming years and subsequently also promoting the use of synthetic e-fuel, also known as Power-To-Liquid kerosene (PTL), another drop-in alternative to fossil fuels, which along with the use of biofuel will allow aviation to get closer to climate-neutral aviation. PTL refers to the generation of liquid fuels produced using electrical energy from renewable sources.
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First rescue helicopter flies on sustainable aviation fuel
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Usable until 07/06/2031
Theo Klein (ADAC Luftrettung )
Fonction : Photographer
Date the end of rights : 07/06/2031
Prior authorization : no

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